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News Update
2014 Conference on Innovation and Development of Securities Companies was held in Beijing


Hosted jointly by SAC, SSE, SZSE, SD&C, SIPF and CSF, the 2014 conference on innovation and development of securities companies was held in Beijing on May 16, 2014. CSRC Vice-Chairman Yao Gang attended the conference and delivered a significant speech. CSRC Chairman Assistant Zhang Yujun attended the conference and delivered a speech.
SAC Chairman Chen Gongyan pointed out that the strength, depth and levels of industrial innovation have been extended and deepened since 2012 when he drew a conclusion at the end of the conference.  By pushing forward innovation and development of securities industry constantly, the ability of profit-gaining raised, revenue structure further optimized, the ability to service the real economy enhanced, the innovation consciousness of securities companies strengthened and the abilities of compliance and risk control improved prominently. Despite all these achievements, there are still many difficulties in front of us, which must rely on the adjustment of related laws and government policies. For the reason, the tasks to push forward the innovation and development of securities industry will still be a hard work in the future. From now on, under the guidance of CSRC, complying with the trend of regulation transformation, SAC will further improve its quality of service and communication efficiency to securities industry, and act as a bridge and platform for improving industrial innovation.


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