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SAC Released Operating Statistics of Securities Companies of the First Half of 2013

According to the first half of 2013 performance statistics of securities companies generated by SAC, the unaudited financial statements of securities companies showed that 114 securities companies gained revenue of RMB78.526 billion. Revenue included RMB34.047 billion from securities trading brokerage business, RMB6.554 billion from securities underwriting and sponsoring business, RMB1.727 billion from financial consultant business, RMB1.146 billion from investment advisory business, RMB2.88 billion from assets management business, RMB20.944 billion from the securities investment income (containing income from changes in fair value), RMB6.687 billion from margin trading. The whole year achieved net profit of RMB24.47 billion. 99 securities companies made profits, which represented for 86.84% of the total.

The statistics showed that, until the end of June 30, 2013, the total assets of the 114 securities companies reached RMB1.87 trillion, with net assets of RMB717.246 billion, net capital of RMB500.914 billion, the balance of securities transaction and settlement funds of RMB569.00 billion, the market value of custody securities of RMB13.24 trillion and the total capital of trusteeship management of RMB3.42 trillion.


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