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2013 Conference on Innovation and Development of Securities Companies was held in Beijing


Hosted jointly by SAC, SSE, SZSE, SD&C and SIPF, the 2013 conference on innovation and development of securities companies was held in Beijing on May 8, 2013. CSRC Vice-Chairman Zhuang Xinyi attended the conference and delivered an important opening speech. CSRC Chairman Assistant Zhang Yujun attended the conference and concluded its achievements.

The leaders from Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (SD&C) and China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corporation (SIPF) attended the conference and addressed at the conference respectively.

SAC Chairman Chen Gongyan summarized the implementation of the 11 measures raised at Opinions and Measures of Promoting Opening-up and Innovations of Securities Companies, and pointed out that Innovation circumstances of securities industry has been obviously optimized, innovation consciousness of securities companies has been notably improved, the profit model has changed prominently. Despite all this, he emphasized that some outstanding problems in the developing process have not been well-resolved. It is essential for the industry to earnestly summarize, objectively evaluate and put forward to innovations of securities companies continually.

Combining with subjects of “concluding, exchanging, consolidating and improving”, representatives from over 10 securities companies expressed views on issues of products and business innovations of securities companies, profit model transformation and OTC  markets’ development. In addition, they deeply discussed on issues that should be strengthened and promoted during industry’ innovations, and offered policy proposals.

About 450 delegates from CSRC, SAC Advisory Committee, SAC professional committees, local securities associations, securities companies and social media attended conference.


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